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¡¡¡¡ Shenzhen City in Guangdong Province, China and South Africa coastal areas, the mouth of the Pearl River east of the north. Land location east longitude 113 ¡ã 46 'to 114 ¡ã 37', latitude 22 ¡ã 27 'to 22 ¡ã 52'. 81.4 km long East and West, North and South wide (the minimum) to 10.8 km, east of Mirs Bay, West Jiangkou Lian-Zhu, Nan Lin Hong Kong, and Kowloon Peninsula bordering the New Territories, Hong Kong is separated by a river, known as the "Hong Kong's post Garden. "


The Shenzhen emerging clean and beautiful city, the Four Seasons vegetation Conglong, the local government in light of local conditions to develop a lot of tourist attractions, natural scenery and unique combination of artificial construction. Shenzhen has a long history and culture developed, is very rich in tourism resources, preservation on the ground, the underground is very rich in cultural relics. 1980s, the Shenzhen Museum artifacts archaeologists conducted the census, found that a large number of valuable ancient architecture, ancient ruins, ancient tombs, ancient temples, the ancient city sites and scenic spots, and so on. Shenzhen Municipal People's Government in 1983, has announced two groups of key heritage conservation units and sites were restored, the reproduction of the original style, for visitors to watch.

Shenzhen is located in the south of the Tropic of Cancer, a subtropical oceanic climate, a mild climate, abundant rainfall, sunshine long time. No summer heat for up to six months. Spring warm autumn and winter quarters, without the cold to show concern. The average annual temperature of 22.3 ¡æ.

¡¡¡¡Scenic spots: JinXiu ZhongHua, Shenzhen Window of the World, MINSK Aircraft Carrier World, Happy Valley, Windows of Shenzhen

The bus guideline via the mentioned scenic spots is only for reference.
Scenic Spots£º
Shenzhen Window of the World
Add.: Overseas Chinese Town, Shennan Road Tel.: 26608000
Introduction: A large scenic spot to reveal the natural beauty and folk customs for different areas of the world, covering 480000m2 area. It gathers the architectural elites of every continent, including 1200 scenic pots such as Taj Mahal, Eiffel Tower, Pyramid, Sydney Opera House.
Bus guideline (route): 223¡¢204¡¢310¡¢101 that for Shekou can arrive

JinXiu ZhongHua
Add.: Overseas Chinese Town, Shennan Road Tel.: 26600626
Introduction: the world largest actual small-scale scenic spot with the most plentiful contents as well as a small-scale sightseeing spot (distributed by national territory) of national natural scenes and historic site
Bus guideline: Same to above

HuanLe Vale
Add.: Overseas Chinese Town, Shennan Road Tel.: 26949168
Introduction: A large tourism park constructed after Shenzhen Window of the World and JinXiu ZhongHua, fostering natural fresh, brisk, wonderful and pleasant leisure atmosphere. With over 40 tourism items, tt¡¯s composed by Adventure Mountain, Maya Beach, Dream Island and Cartoon Wall, owning the only one international youth hotel in Shenzhen and ¡°Happy Trunk¡±--- the only one city elevated sightseeing trunk in China.
Bus guideline: Same to above

Ming Sike carrier world
Address: Sha Kok, Yantian District, the waters Tel:25355333 Profile: is the world's only aircraft carrier as the main body to a military theme park by the sea and land-based aircraft carrier Ming Sike mother of the square, the aircraft carrier on the original weapons system, and combat command systems, torpedo launch system, Missile launching system and the officers and men living areas, and aerospace, maritime, aviation and the Russian song and dance performances. Getting There: 103¡¢202¡¢,205

Safari Park Shenzhen
µØAdd.: Along Xili Lake, Nanshan District Tel.: 26622888
Introduction: With over 120 m2 area, it is composed by wild animals, vegetarian area and performance area, having over 150 kinds of animals (totaling nearly 3000) as Russian lions, tigers, leopards, elephant, monkeys.
Bus guideline: 101¡¢236¡¢434¡¢457¡¢435

Diwang Sightseeing
Add.: Diwang Building, Shennan Road Tel.: 82463789
Introduction: Known as ¡°Summit of Shenzhen¡±, Diwang Building is the symbolized building of Shenzhen. The sightseeing is on the peak floor of the building, posing for the first high-rise sightseeing spot in Asia. It sets up 15 amusement sections, including Disney-made and the world tiptop multi-dimensional dynamic movie. It¡¯s the best place to view Shenzhen and Hong Kong scenes.
Bus guideline (route): 101¡¢113¡¢204, etc.

Sega Sightseeing
Add.: Sega Building, Shennan Road Tel.: 83665246
Introduction: The Shenzhen-themed tiptop building, having 79 floors (including 4 floors underground). The sightseeing is on the 71st and 72nd floors, having the world tiptop 260 round-trip outdoors sightseeing elevator. You can have a superb panorama of Shenzhen and HongKong scenes via the latest powerful telescope and multimedia scenic-viewing station at sightseeing hall, enjoying a distance view by ascending a height.
Bus guideline (route): 101¡¢204¡¢301¡¢320¡¢113 etc.

ZhongYing Street
Add.: ShaTouJiao Town, YanTian District  Tel.: 25553569
Introduction: With less 400 meters length and 4 meters width, it¡¯s known as ¡°A small street, Two systems¡± . A¡±Mere stone¡± will be stand every ten meters in the middle of street, one side is administrated by Shenzhen and the other side by Hong Kong. It has row upon row of shops and is full of beautiful commodities. Additional certificate is required if wanting to the spot.
Bus guideline (route): 103¡¢202¡¢205.

Da Mei Sha Shore Park
Add.: YanTian Port, YanTian District Tel.: 25062323
Suitable for looking sea, swimming and leisure.
Bus guideline (route): 360¡¢364¡¢443¡¢103¡¢430

Xiao Mei Sha Shore Holiday Center
Add.: Xiao Mei Sha, YanTian District Tel.: 25060000
Introduction: Subordinated to Shenzhen Te Group, it has 30kil. distance to city center, facing to HongKong and enjoying beautiful environments. The tourism center was founded in 1984, covering 3.58 (including 1.3 sea area). Tourists can fully enjoy the joyful water amusement activities as sunlight seawater bath, motorcycle yacht, surfing and sailboard on the over 1 kil. sand. It also sets up Three-star hotel and many other kinds of services as racing car, shooting, Song and dance hall, karaoke OK, and delicious snack, posing for the famous scenic spot of seashore tourism in south of China.
Bus guideline (route): same to above.

Ocean World
Add.: Opposite to XiaoMeiSha Hotel, YanTian District Tel.: 20560000
Introduction: It is composed by ¡°Ocean Theatre¡±, ¡°Seabed Wonder¡±, ¡°Swimming the Ocean in Illusion¡±, ¡°Ocean Expo ¡°, ¡°Sea God Garden¡± and ¡°Ocean Plaza¡± sights, being full of brilliant performances, such as sea, sea lion, sea dog, shark aquarium, ocean fish, diving show, ocean treasure, and ocean world art ensembles. Each of these is from the endless charm of blue ocean.
Bus guideline (route): same to above.

Youth World
Add.: No.87 LiWan Raod, Yue Liang Wan, Nanshan District Tel.: 26646988
Introduction: The first famous holiday resort by integrating fine agriculture and tourism in Shenzhen. In addition to frame house, villa, Chinese-style restaurant, there are many distinctive and attractive sights: Jurassic Park, Pottery Museum, Orchard, Cafes, Game Area, Folk Square, Swimming Field, Pageants Show, etc..
Bus guideline (route): 423¡¢432¡¢210¡¢541

Shenzhen Fairylake Botanical Garden
Add.: No.160 LianTang, Luohu District, Shenzhen Tel.: 25738430
Introduction: It¡¯s a scenery botanical garden focused on tourism and supplemented on scientific research. Initially founded in 1982, it¡¯s divided into five scenic areas---including the Heaven & Earth Area, the Lake Area, the Temple Area, the Desert Landscape Area, and the Conifers and Azalea Area, building over decade of landscape spots as maze, Tianchi, Luding Xiangdu, Shiyi Kongqiao, YuDai Bridge, ZhuWei ShenChu, YouXi, XiaoYao gu, Camping Area, Long Dun Ta, Billows-listening Pavilion, LuanSheng Kiosk, and over decade of special plant gardens as International Ex Situ Conservation Center for Cycads, International Magnolia Garden, Rare & Endangered Trees Garden, Palm Garden, Bamboos Garden, Medicinal Plants Garden, Shady Plants Garden, Cacti & Succulents, Aquatic Plants Garden, Cryptogamic Garden, Gymnosperms Garden, and Bonsai Garden, etc.. The preserved plants reach more than 3000 species.
Bus guideline (route): 27¡¢111¡¢218¡¢220¡¢311¡¢417¡¢418¡¢450¡¢467¡¢468¡¢469

WuTong Mountain Forest Park
Add.: Crossing between Luohu District and Yantian District Tel£º25708918
Good place for leisure, holiday spending, and mountaineering exercise.
Bus guideline (route): 103¡¢430¡¢360¡¢364

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